Ramsey Criminal & Traffic Division

The Criminal & Traffic Division is composed of six offices.  See the tabs below for more information.

(651) 266-1999

(For fine payment, call (651) 281-3219. Outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.
NOTE:  If you are calling from a phone number with area codes 612, 651, 763, or 952, the (800) number WILL NOT WORK.  If you are calling from a phone number with an international area code (including Canada), you must use the (651) number.)

Main Office: 15 W Kellogg Blvd, Room 130, St Paul MN 55102
Law Enforcement Center Office: 425 Grove St, St Paul MN 55101
     Note: Customer service counter is closed and Hearing Officers are not available at this site
Suburban Office: 2050 White Bear Ave, St Paul MN 55119


Paying Fines

Use one of the three methods below to find out how much you owe.  Pay your fine using the same methods:
  • Online
  • Call our automated payment line.  Call (651) 281-3219.  If you are calling from outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.
    NOTE: If you are calling from a phone number with area codes 612, 651, 763, or 952, the (800) number WILL NOT WORK. If you are calling from a phone number with an international area code (including Canada), you must use the (651) number listed above.
  • Appear in person at the Main Office location listed at the top of this page.
Additionally, if you know the amount of the fine, you can mail it to: Minnesota Court Payment Center, P.O. Box 898, Willmar MN 56201.  Do not mail cash.
If you fail to pay, see a hearing officer, or appear in court on a citation, additional fees will be added and the unpaid citation may result in
  • A suspended driver's license by the MN Driver & Vehicle Services (DVS).
  • A suspended license by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and/or
  • The amount owed being sent to collections.
If you cannot pay the fine in full by the due date, contact the MN Court Payment Center (CPC) to talk about your options.

For moving violations, a notice is mailed to the address on the ticket. For parking tickets, the notice is mailed to the address of the registered owner. If that information is incorrect, you may not have received the notice. The late fee that was imposed, however, is still due and owing.

When paying a fine online or with your telephone, your credit status is checked through our banking system and the money is electronically transferred. The bank charges the court a fee for this service and the state legislature has authorized the collection of an additional fee to partially defray the costs of paying fines this way. The money collected is not kept by the court, but is used to pay the bank that provides the service.

Contesting a Ticket

If you would like to talk to someone about your situation before paying your fine or if you want to enter a Not Guilty plea and have a trial, follow these steps:

Schedule an appointment with a Hearing Officer
Notice:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hearing Officer hearings are being held by video conference using Zoom.  The video hearing process is very easy! You only need a device with video.

Confirm that the ticket has been filed with the Court by calling our automated payment line.  The number is (651) 281-3219.  If you are calling from outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.  If you receive confirmation, press 9 to return to the Main Menu, then press 3 to schedule a video hearing.

Appear before the Hearing Officer.  At the time of the hearing, you will click on the link in your confirmation email and you'll be connected to a Hearing Officer via the web browser on your device or the Zoom application, if it has been installed. You will want to have photo identification such as a driver’s license, Minnesota ID, or a passport with you at the time of your hearing.  (A birth certificate is not an acceptable form of identification.)  When applicable to your case, have the following available.
  • Proof of insurance documentation for the vehicle, a letter from the insurance company, or a copy of the insurance policy.
  • The crash or collision report.
  • Color, photographic proof and receipts showing equipment violations have been corrected.
  • Photographic proof of front and back license plate violations have been corrected.
  • The actual disability permit, a photograph is not sufficient.
A juvenile offender (under 18 years at the date and time of the offense) needs to appear with a parent or legal guardian.
Someone other than the owner may meet with the Hearing Officer to address parking violations, if applicable.
No, you must see a Hearing Officer in person.
A Hearing Officer is authorized by the Court to hear payable cases. The Hearing Officer can explain options you may have to settle the ticket other than paying the fine. Depending on the facts of your case and your violation history, some of the options they may be able to offer include:
  • a reduced fine amount;
  • a payment plan to pay the citation over time; and
  • a continuance for dismissal with payment of prosecution costs

For Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul follows a night plowing and day plowing format for snow emergencies. Specific information about these rules as well as snow emergency announcements are posted on the Snow Emergency page of the City of St. Paul website. For more information, visit their St. Paul Snow Emergency FAQ's page or call (651) 266-7569.

For other cities in Ramsey County

Other cities have different rules regarding snow emergencies. Many cities post their snow emergency rules on their own websites. A list of these sites is available through the City Websites page of Minnesota.gov.

Appearing in Court

If any of the offenses you are charged with requires a court appearance, the date, time, and location will be mailed to you at the address on the complaint. This is usually the address you've given the law enforcement officer at the time you were detained. It can take some time for the complaint to reach the court offices and be scheduled, especially if you were released pending further investigation. If, after two weeks, you don't receive notification of your court date, call (651) 266-1999 to inquire about the status of your charge and about the court date.
If there is a reason you can't appear at your scheduled court hearing you must either:
  • Contact your attorney if you have one and ask him or her to help you.
  • Contact the court at (651) 266-1999 if you don't have an attorney. You must contact the court as soon as you know you can't appear. Depending on the circumstances, a continuance may or may not be granted. There are specific policies about how far in advance you make the request and/or providing proof that you can't appear. The decision may be referred to the prosecutor or to the presiding judge.

There are several things that may happen.

  • An arrest warrant can be ordered
  • You may lose any bail or bond that you posted
  • The charge may be certified to your driving record
  • Your license to drive a motor vehicle may be suspended.
  • Your Department of Natural Resources (DNR) license may be suspended
If you are charged with an offense that may result in jail time, you can apply for a public defender.  Apply when you make your first appearance in court. You will need to fill out an application form to determine if you are eligible. Be sure to be on time for your court appearance—public defender applications forms are provided at the beginning of the court session.

Your Driving Record and Your License to Drive

If you plead guilty to an offense that is considered certifiable under MN Statute, the Court will notify Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services of the offense.  Payment in any amount is considered a plea of Guilty.

There are many reasons that a Driver's License may be suspended, revoked or cancelled. Control over your driving privileges rests with the Department of Public Safety. If you have questions about your license or about a suspension, call the Driver and Vehicle Services office: (651) 297-3298

If reinstatement depends on payment of a fine, do not assume that reinstatement is automatic.   You are not reinstated until Driver and Vehicle Services tells you that you are.


If your vehicle was towed, it would be taken to an impound lot. Call the impound lot to verify that your vehicle is there and for information on how to retrieve it.
If your vehicle was towed as a result of a City of St. Paul snow emergency, check the Ticket, Towing, and Storage Fees page on the City of St. Paul web site for information on where it was towed and what to do.

  • If your vehicle was towed from any location in St. Paul for any situation other than a Snow Emergency, call (651) 266-5642.
  • If you were towed in any other city in Ramsey County for any reason, you must contact the law enforcement agency for that city to find out where the car was taken.
  • If you were towed by the Minnesota State Patrol, contact them directly.

Be prepared to tell them your vehicle license plate number.

Administrative Procedures for Unusual Situations

If you received a citation for expired meter and you have a receipt showing that the meter space* (space-marker number) was paid for at the time of the citation, provide your meter receipt and citation (or photocopies of each) to the Court for review. Contact the Court Payment Center at (651) 281-3219 five business days after providing the documentation to check on the status of your citation.  Outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611. To provide proof:

  • Mail it to: Ramsey District Court, Violations Bureau Room 130, 15 West Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102

*Note: If you paid for the wrong meter space (space-marker number), you will need to schedule a Hearing Officer appointment to contest the citation

If your vehicle was insured at the time of the stop, provide proof of insurance before you pay the fine**.  Proof of insurance must cover the date of offense and the vehicle you were driving.  A bill or statement are not valid proof of insurance. If you were charged with anything else at the same time, you must also respond to those charges.  Submit your proof, along with a copy of the citation in one of the following ways:

  • Fax it to the Court Payment Center: (320) 231-6507.
  • Mail it to: Court Payment Center, P.O. Box 898, Willmar, MN 56201.

If you have any questions, call the Court Payment Center at (651) 281-3219.  Outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.  If you're unable to show proof that your vehicle was insured, you must either pay the fine or make arrangements to speak with a Hearing Officer.

If you sold the vehicle in question before the date of offense, contact the Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services (DVS) and supply what is known as a Report of Sale. Once you have taken this step, provide the court with documentation displaying the sale information.

Step One: Notify Driver and Vehicle Services.
DVS offers 2 ways of submitting the buyer information:

  • Online: Follow the instructions for submitting a Report of Sale. You'll find the instructions in the left-side navigation: under Online Services, click "more...”
  • Over the phone: (651) 297-2126. You may either supply the information to an automated attendant any time day or night, or, if you call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, you may speak with a live agent.
Have all of the following information ready before you call or go online:
  • Your driver’s license number
  • The date of sale
  • The driver’s license number, name and address of the new owner
  • The license plate number of the vehicle
  • The last four numbers of the VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number

Step Two: Notify the Court
Provide the court with documentation showing the vehicle sale information. At minimum, this documentation needs to include your name, date of sale, vehicle information including plate number, make, model, and VIN.

Step Three: Confirm
Contact our office at (651) 266-1999 five business days after providing the documentation to check on the status of your citation(s).
Note:  Keep in mind that this process only covers tickets issued in Ramsey County.

Under certain conditions, fines issued to underage defendants can be paid at the Violations Bureau or through the Court Payment Center.  State statutes and Minnesota Rules of Court determine juvenile charges and penalties. Contact the Court to determine what steps must be taken to address the violation.  Court staff will advise you if the case has been referred to Juvenile Court. Call (651) 281-3219.  Outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611

(651) 266-1999

Main Office:  15 W. Kellogg Blvd Room 130, St Paul, MN 55102
Law Enforcement Center:  425 Grove St, St Paul MN 55101

Suburban Court2050 White Bear Ave, Maplewood MN 55109

Overview of Criminal Traffic Court

For information about a case, call the Criminal and Traffic Court at (651) 266-1999.  If you would like to view or obtain a copy of a court document, call the Records Office at (651) 266-8237.  Be prepared to provide the case number or the defendant's name and the date of birth.

If you are calling about several different cases or if you want a complete record of offenses for an individual, you must come to the Suburban Court Office listed above or to the Records Office in Room 72 of the Main Courthouse. You will need to search the computer records on your own. Computers are set up with access to this information and instructions on how to use the computers are available.

If you received a citation (a ticket), you may be able to pay a fine without going to court.  If court is not required, you may still contest your citation.  If the any offense on the citation requires court, you must appear on the time, date, and location of your Summons.
The Court has established a committee to establish guidelines for the prosecution of such cases. If you would like more information about their conclusions, consult the Guidelines and Procedures for Domestic Abuse-Related Criminal Cases.
The Department of Public Safety offers support and resources for victims of crime on their Crime Victim Support page.


If your hearing is within the next 7 days, consult the Alpha Roster on our Calendar page to see when and where your court appearence is scheduled.  Use your browser's text search to quickly find your name.  If you are unable to find the case or if it is more than 7 days away, call our office at (651) 266-1999 for the information.

If it's necessary to notify you of a first appearance or a change in a court date from a previously scheduled time, you will receive a notice in the mail. To avoid missing an appearance, keep the court informed of your correct mailing address by calling (651) 266-1999.

Note: in certain circumstances, a complaint will be filed as an arrest warrant and no court date will be mailed. In such a case, you will need to turn yourself in. See the Warrants and Bail section below for more information.

If you have an attorney, ask them to make the request. If you don’t have an attorney, contact the court at (651) 266-1999 for instructions.

If you miss a court appearance, a warrant for your arrest may be ordered. For traffic offenses, the judge may order a warrant, suspension of your driver's license, and/or certification of the offense to your record. You may also lose any bail or bond you have posted. If you have already failed to appear, call the court at (651) 266-1999 to find out what happened.

Legal Representation

If you are charged with an offense that may result in jail time, you can apply for a public defender.  Apply when you make your first appearance in court. You will need to fill out an application form to determine if you are eligible.  Be sure to be on time for your court appearance—public defender applications forms are provided at the beginning of the court session.

If a public defender has already been appointed to represent you, visit the Public Defender website for contact information.  You will need to provide the name of the person you wish to contact.

You may choose to hire an attorney.  For attorney referral, visit the Find a Lawyer help topic on this Judicial Branch web site.  There are also low-cost attorney services such as Criminal Defense Services, Inc. and the Neighborhood Justice Center.

Yes, but keep in mind that you are required to know and follow all the rules of law and court procedure that an attorney would follow.
For more information, visit the Representing Yourself in Court help topic.

Appearing in Court

Court appearances are arranged in Sessions, in which several cases are scheduled at the same time.  A court session typically lasts half a day (morning or afternoon). It's important to be on time. In some court sessions, you or your attorney may have an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor before court begins.
If you plead Guilty, you may be sentenced immediately. In some situations, the judge may order an investigation prior to sentencing you. If this is ordered, you will need to follow the instructions you receive and reappear later for sentencing.

If you plead Not Guilty, your trial will be on another day and a court date will be scheduled. The next appearance is typically a hearing for you, the judge, the prosecutor, and your attorney (if you have one) to meet to discuss legal issues and the merits of the case. If the matter cannot be resolved at that time, a trial will be scheduled.

State statutes dictate which violations are payable and which ones require a court appearance.

Witnesses and Subpoenas

If you have an attorney, have your attorney obtain and arrange for service of the subpoena. If you are representing yourself, contact the court at 651-266-1999 for assistance.
Do not use online subpoena forms without first getting instructions from the Court

Follow the instructions on the subpoena. You must appear on the date, time, and location specified, bring any documents named in the subpoena, and be prepared to testify under oath.

If you are an interested party who hasn't been subpoenaed, and if the trial/hearing is not closed to the public, you may attend. If you have been subpoenaed to testify, there may be restrictions. You should contact the party who issued the subpoena. If there is a No Contact Order in effect, all of the terms of the Order still apply.

Paying Court-imposed Fines

If the court imposed fines, you may use one of the methods below to pay your fine:
  • Online
  • Call our automated payment line.  Call (651) 281-3219.  If you are calling from outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.
    NOTE: If you are calling from a phone number with area codes 612, 651, 763, or 952, the (800) number WILL NOT WORK. If you are calling from a phone number with an international area code (including Canada), you must use the (651) number listed above.
  • Appear in person at the Main Office location listed at the top of this page.
  • By mail: Minnesota Court Payment Center, P.O. Box 898, Willmar MN 56201.  Do not mail cash.
 If none of the offenses you are charged with requires a court appearance, you may go directly to Online Fine Payment.  For more information about your options, visit the Violation Bureau tab on this page.
If you need more time than you were orginally ordered to pay a Court-imposed fine, call (651) 266-1999 to talk about your options. 
The debt may be referred to a collection agency, your driver's license may be suspended, and/or you may be summoned back to court. If you have failed to pay a fine, call (651) 281-3219 or (800) 657-3611 (if you are outside the metro area) to find out what happened and what you need to do.

Warrants and Bail

The most common reasons for arrest warrants are failure to appear at a court hearing and violation of the terms of a sentence you received.  Call our office at (651) 266-1999 for specific information.

Every warrant comes with terms on which you may be released. A bail amount may be specified, supervision may be ordered or the warrant may require that you remain in custody until your trial or until the terms of your release are reviewed at a hearing.
For information on the amount of bail and conditions of release, visit the Ramsey County Arrest Warrant Search or call the Warrant Office at (651) 266-9320.

For Ramsey County warrants, turn yourself in at the Law Enforcement Center, 425 Grove Street, St. Paul, MN  55101. Go to the Jail Entrance (open 24 hours) before 4:00 a.m. if you wish to be heard on the next available court calendar. You will be taken into custody, booked, and fingerprinted.  For more information, visit the Turning Yourself In page of the Ramsey County Sheriff's website.
If you are interested in contacting an inmate, picking them up upon their release, or posting their bail or bond, contact the Ramsey County Adult Detention Services Unit at (651) 266-9350.

If you are interested in contacting an inmate, picking them up upon their release, or posting their bail or bond, contact the Ramsey County Adult Detentions Services Unit at (651) 266-9350.

Bail is cash you post as a guarantee of your future appearances. Once the case is closed, your bail is either refunded to you or applied to any money owed.

Bond is a guarantee of your appearance offered by a bonding company. The bond is purchased by you or on your behalf from a bonding company and is not refunded or applied to any money owed.

Important: If you fail to appear for any scheduled hearing, you risk losing the entire bail or bond. The court may order that it be forfeited. If your bond is forfeited, the bondsman might keep any cash or property that you put up as a guarantee of your appearance.
The court isn't allowed to recommend any particular bonding company, but there is a Statewide List of Approved Bail Bond Agents.
Once the case is resolved, bail is either refunded to the defendant or applied to any money owed.

Other Questions

Call the Ramsey County Probation Office at (651) 266-2300.
A Judge must sign a Cancellation of No Contact Order. Contact the main office at (651) 266-1999.

(651) 266-1999

Main Office:  15 W. Kellogg Blvd Room 130, St Paul, MN 55102

Expungement is the process of going to court to ask a judge to seal a court record.

MN Judicial Branch Help Topic: Criminal Expungement
   How do I expunge my criminal record?
   How do I get my criminal history?

Either bring the following documents to:
Room 130 of the City Hall/Courthouse
15 West Kellogg Blvd
Saint Paul, MN 55102

or mail them along with the appropriate fees.  Blank forms are available at this location or you can download them: More forms relating to Expungement are available, including the Agency Addresses for Proof of Service in Ramsey County, which contains information needed to complete your Proof of Service document.

Documents may be eFiled if you sign up for eFiling and the case meets certain requirements.  If you would like to eFile, call our office at the number above to see if your case qualifies.  As of July 1, 2016, the use of eFS is mandatory for attorneys, government agencies, and guardians ad litem, in all court cases filed in all 87 Minnesota counties.

Ramsey Court Criminal Expungement Clinic
Volunteer Lawyers Network, Ramsey County District Court, and Ramsey County Law Library offer a free legal clinic for unrepresented parties the fourth Thursday of every month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Ramsey County Law Library located on the 18th floor of the Ramsey County Courthouse. 
Treatment CourtsThe specialty courts often known as Treatment Courts or Drug Courts have evolved into a complex of several different types of court-monitored programs focused on serving certain sectors of the population who may have specific issues navigating the Criminal Justice system.  The goal of these courts is alleviate the stresses on law enforcement, social services, and government by helping these individuals to break a cycle of arrest, conviction, release, and re-arrest.
The treatment courts offered in Ramsey County are part of a statewide network.  For more information about these courts statewide, visit the Treatment Courts page.
For a national perspective, visit the Drug Courts page of the National Institute of Justice.


Ronalea Lemke, Treatment Court Supervisor
(651) 266-8168
Email Treatment Court »



The Ramsey County DWI Court is for persons charged with their third or more gross misdemeanor DWI offense or 1st degree felony DWI, non-presumptive commit to prison.  The court provides intensive supervision for persons who are interested in changing their drinking and driving behavior and ending their cycle in the criminal justice system. (For general information and for those not charged with a third or subsequent DWI, refer to the Criminal Court page)


  • 3 or more DWI's in a lifetime
  • Ramsey County resident
  • Gross Misdemeanor level charge or 1st Degree Felony – non presumptive commit to prison
  • Ramsey County arrest and charged
  • Diagnosis of substance dependence (substance or alcohol disorder moderate or higher)
  • No violent criminal history
  • Approval by the DWI Court team
  • Voluntary participation in the DWI Court Program



The mission of the Ramsey County Mental Health Court (RCMHC) is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism among those whose criminal behaviors are attributable to mental illness.  Through court supervision and the coordination of mental health and other social services, the Court supports a psychiatrically stable and crime-free lifestyle among its participants.



To be eligible for the Mental Health Court program an individual must be:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Ramsey County resident (out-of-county considered on a case by case basis)
  • Charged with a Crime
  • Diagnosed with a significant mental illness
  • Legally competent
  • A person with no history of violent offenses
  • Willing to voluntarily participate and commit to the rigors of the court conditions and treatment plan


Ramsey County Substance Abuse Court (SAC) started in October 2002. SAC is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to improve their lives and break the cycle of substance abuse. The court uses assessment, treatment (chemical and mental health), strict supervision, random drug and breath testing, regular court hearings and immediate sanctions and incentives to help participants maintain a drug free lifestyle. The program represents a closer working relationship between criminal justice partners (judge, prosecutor, defense attorneys, case managers, and treatment providers) than is traditionally seen in criminal courts. SAC serves approximately 55 participants in any given day.


Ramsey County Substance Abuse Court’s mission is to enhance public safety by reducing criminal activity and assist substance abusers to become drug/alcohol free, productive, and law-abiding citizens.


  • Adult Ramsey County resident
  • Charged with a non-violent Felony offense
  • Substance abuse/dependency diagnosis and a need for treatment
  • Willingness to participate





The Ramsey County Veterans Treatment Court is a voluntary court program for eligible veterans who have been charged with a crime in Ramsey County. The mission of the Veterans Treatment Court is to promote public safety through enhanced supervision and individual accountability. The purpose of the program is to assist and support veterans by creating a coordinated response through collaboration with the VA, community-based services, and the criminal justice system.



(651) 266-1999

Main Office:  15 W. Kellogg Blvd Room 72, St Paul, MN 55102
Suburban Court:  2050 White Bear Ave, Maplewood MN 55109
Public Computers and Counter staff are available at these locations.

For case information, call the Criminal & Traffic Office at (651) 266-1999.
To obtain copies, call the Records Office at (651) 266-8237

Access to Records

For records after 1992, you can search online, or you can go to any Minnesota District Court office and use the public computer terminals.  The public terminals contain a more complete record than what is available online.
Documents are not available online.
To view documents filed after 1997: go to any Minnesota District Court office and use the public computer terminals
To view document filed before 1997: come to our Main Courthouse location at the address above.

Only public non-confidential records can be viewed online.  For criminal cases, only records that are considered post-disposition are available through a name search.  Document images are not available online.

For criminal and traffic cases, dismissal, acquittal, or determination of guilt (by plea, by jury, or by the Court). 
If you wish to view a record that is very old, we suggest that you call our office at the number above and inquire before coming in.

Printed Copies & Fees

A certified copy of a court document or record has been signed by a court clerk and embossed with the state seal while a plain copy has not.  Some offices require certification as protection against fraud.  An exemplified copy contains additional signatures by the Court Administrator and a judge.  Courts sometimes require exemplification to admit a copy into evidence.  Check the Fee Schedule for the cost of certified, exemplified and plain (non-certified) copies. 
Yes. Many agencies and courts may consider it tampering.  If submitted as evidence in a court hearing, it may be challenged.
There is a single fee per case document, but the fee may be larger for documents of fifty pages or more.  Check the Fee Schedule to confirm the amount.
Come to our office and print out the documents at one of our public computers.  There is a fee.   Most agencies only require a Register of Actions, Sentencing Order, and Plea Petition.
If you need records for immigration purposes, come to Room 72 of the City Hall Courthouse and ask for a Criminal History Record Search.   The clerks are familiar with the process and can compile the necessary records. There is no fee, but you will need to show a government-issued photo ID and a written request on the agency letterhead of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, formerly known as the INS.


It may be sealed, filed in a different court (such as Appellate Court or Federal Court) or it may may not be resolved (disposed).  Cases that have not been resolved will not show up online unless you provide the District Court case number.  If you don't have the case number, you can view the information on the public computers at Minnesota District Court offices.
Dismissed cases are still part of the official record.  If you seek to have the record removed (expunged), visit the Expungement tab of this page for more specific information.

Record Retention

As far as 1937 for certain cases, but will vary depending on the date and type of record.  Online access extends to 1991.  If you have a question about whether we have a specific record, call our office at the number above.
At the Minnesota State Historical Society.
Criminal and traffic cases filed in Ramsey County, parking tickets, traffic violations, petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felonies.  We do not keep Juvenile records, Appellate Court records (unless the case started in our court), and we do not keep records of Federal cases.
It depends on the age of the record and the level of offense.  If you have a question about a specific record, call our office at the number above.

(651) 266-1999

(For fine payment, call (651) 281-3219. Outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3611.)
Suburban Court:
2050 White Bear Ave
Maplewood, MN 55109

Ramsey County Suburban Court handles criminal and traffic cases charged in the fifteen cities of suburban Ramsey County as well as the State Fair grounds. To do this, the Suburban Court works with nine Suburban law enforcement agencies, the Ramsey County Sheriff, and the Minnesota State Patrol.

The cases heard in the Suburban Court (often referred to as Maplewood Court or Maplewood Branch because of the city of location) include all petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges. Court calendars heard in the Suburban Branch include arraignments, pre-trials, court trials and the first day of jury trials.

Fines from any offense filed in the Second District can be paid at the cashier window. Administrative Hearing Officers are available to hear any case filed in the Second District that does not require an appearance in court.

If you need to contact a prosecutor or the the police agency involved in a specific charge, here is a breakdown by city of police agencies and prosecuting attorneys.

Arden Hills, Ramsey County SheriffJoseph Kelly
Falcon Heights, Ramsey County Sheriff, Katrina Joseph
Gem Lake, White Bear Lake PoliceRobb Olson
Lauderdale, St. Anthony PoliceKatrina Joseph
Little Canada, Ramsey County SheriffJoseph Kelly
Maplewood, Maplewood Police, Joseph Kelly
Mounds View, Mounds View Police, Katrina Joseph
New Brighton, New Brighton PoliceRobb Olson
North St. Paul, North St. Paul PoliceCaroline Beckman
North Oaks, Ramsey County SheriffJoseph Kelly
Roseville, Roseville PoliceCaroline Beckman
State Fair, State Fair Police, Thomas Hughes
Shoreview, Ramsey County SheriffJoseph Kelly
Vadnais Heights, Ramsey County SheriffCaroline Beckman
White Bear Lake, White Bear Lake PoliceRobb Olson
White Bear Township, Ramsey County SheriffCaroline Beckman