Minnesota Government Access Resource Center

Minnesota OA/MGA Login Accounts

This resource page provides important information for government agencies to maintain their Minnesota Government Access (MGA) login accounts and to maintain or change their Odyssey Assistant (OA) login accounts. If you are not part of a government agency, please read about the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View.

MGA and OA login accounts allow government entities to view Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) data. 

Policies & Notices and Other Important Information Carefully read the following Policies & Notices and Table of Limits. Check back periodically for new versions. These documents give you important information on the supporting statutes and rules governing your account. The login account agreement requires that you stay up to date on this information.
  • Policies & Notices for MGA Login Accounts  (PDF) – Read this document first to understand how to submit a request for an MGA login account and to learn applicable policies and notices related to your account.
  • Policies & Notices for OA Login Accounts (rev. 08/09/2013) (PDF) - Read this document first to understand how to maintain or request changes to an existing OA login account and learn applicable policies and notices related to your account. (New MNCIS OA accounts are no longer offered.)
  • Table of Limits (rev. 07/13/2005) (PDF) – Refer to this document often for important statutes and rules pertaining to restrictions on redisclosure of our data.
If you need to request changes to an existing OA account, use the following form. 

Change Request Form for OA Login Account – Use this form to submit your request for changes to an existing OA account. Only one account may be changed per form. Multiple forms may be submitted. 
Support Options (read all options first) Support for MNCIS OA Government Login Accounts