Change Request Form for OA Login Accounts

Instructions to Applicant (this form is for use by government agencies only)

This Change Request Form is intended for an entire business unit of a government agency, not an individual user. It is intended to make administrative changes to an existing OA account. Complete this entire form.

Applicant Information


NOTE: Identify your agency name as it is written on the front page of the login account agreement attached to this change request.

Agency Contact Person


Director/Manager Authorizing Request (if different than Agency Contact)


OA Account Information

Please indicate the OA Account ID for which you are changing account access:

Please give us an update on the number of people in your agency that use this account:

Account Change

Remove Existing Account (required): 



Request a password change (required):

NOTE: You will be notified of your new password and the approximate date the password change will take effect. Please use your old password until you are notified of the effective change date.

Static IP Address

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NOTE: A range should only be provided for the business unit needing access and not the entire county/agency.​