Face coverings required in court facilities.
The response to COVID-19 has impacted access to courthouses and may change the way cases are handled.
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Self Help Center Contact

Self-Help Center staff can answer questions on court forms and procedures, and give referrals for legal advice. Self-Help Center staff are court employees. Court employees cannot provide legal advice or conduct legal research. There is no attorney-client privilege or confidentiality of any information between you and the staff at a Self-Help Center. Staff must remain neutral and may provide services to other people involved with your legal problem. Self-Help staff are not responsible for the outcome of your case. Please read What Court Staff Can and Cannot Do for You. If you have questions about your legal rights or what you should do in your case, please contact a lawyer for advice.

Phone: (651) 435-6535

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (closed on holidays)

Use the form below to email us your questions. We generally reply within 3-4 business days.