Justice for All Project

The Minnesota Justice for All project is working to increase access to meaningful and effective assistance for civil legal needs through a comprehensive approach that provides a continuum of meaningful and appropriate services.  This project requires close coordination among the Minnesota Judicial Branch, civil legal aid and the private bar, as well as input and review from stakeholder groups from across the state.  
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The Justice for All guidance materials list sixteen components necessary for a viable and comprehensive strategy to work towards closing the justice gap.  This site tracks Minnesota's work on the sixteen components to provide a centralized dashboard to track our Justice for All progress.

Triage, Referral, & Channel Integration
Community Integration & Prevention
Broad Self Help Informational Services
Plain Language Forms
Language Services Integration
Courtroom Assistance Services
Judicial & Court Staff Education
Compliance Assistance
Role Flexibility for Other Professionals
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Integration
Unbundled (Discrete Task) Legal Assistance
Expansion & Efficiency Improvements of Full Service Representation
Design, Governance & Management
Resource Planning
Technology Capacity