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FILED Wednesday, September 28, 2022


A20-1592        In the Matter of: Petition of MCEA for Commencement of an Environmental Assessment Worksheet.
                         Court of Appeals.
            Assuming without deciding that the public waters inventory, maintained under Minn. Stat. § 103G.201 (2020), is a final and exhaustive compilation of public waters, the inventory is not conclusive as to the classification of the upper reach of Limbo Creek.  The court of appeals, therefore, did not err in applying the statutory definition of “public waters” in Minn. Stat. § 103G.005, subd. 15 (2020), to determine whether the upper reach of Limbo Creek is a public water.
            Affirmed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.

A20-1344        Energy Policy Advocates, Respondent, vs. Keith Ellison, in his official capacity as Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   Minnesota recognizes the common interest doctrine, which applies to prevent the waiver of the attorney client privilege and the work product doctrine.
            2.   The attorney client privilege may apply to internal communications among attorneys in public law agencies.
            3.   As classified by the Legislature, “data created, collected and maintained by the Office of the Attorney General” under Minnesota Statutes section 13.65, subdivision 1 (2020), “are private data on individuals,” even if the data do not pertain to natural persons.
            Reversed and remanded to the district court. Justice Margaret H. Chutich.
            Concurring in part, dissenting in part, Justice Paul C. Thissen, Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea, Justice G. Barry Anderson.



A22-1112        Christine Marie Fischer, et al., Petitioners, vs. Steve Simon, in his official capacity as Minnesota Secretary of State, Keith Ellison, in his
                         official capacity as Minnesota Attorney General, Torrey Westrom, current candidate for Senate District 12, Michelle
                         Knutson, in her official capacity as Big Stone County Auditor, Vicki Doehling, in her official capacity as Douglas County Auditor,
                         Stephanie Rust, in her official capacity as Pope County Auditor, Randy R. Schreifels, in his official capacity as Stearns
                         County Auditor, Stephanie Buss, in her official capacity as Stevens County Auditor, Kim Saterbak, in her official
                         capacity as Swift County Auditor, Respondents.
                         Supreme Court.
            1.         The petition asking the court to order the removal of Torrey Westrom from the November 8, 2022, general election ballot as a candidate for Senate District 12 is denied.
            2.         Respondent Minnesota Attorney General’s request to be dismissed from this matter is granted.
            Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea.

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FILED Wednesday, September 28, 2022

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.          State of Minnesota vs. John Herbert Hodge Jr. – A21-1294 – Denied
2.          State of Minnesota vs. Akpene Yaa Asempa – A21-1569 – Denied
3.          Pamela Maslowski vs. Prospect Funding Partners LLC, et al. vs. James Schwebel, Esq., et al. – A21-1338 – Granted
4.          In re the Marriage of: Catrina M. Rued vs. Joseph D. Rued – A21-0798, A21-1064 – Denied
5.          State of Minnesota vs. Matthew Warren Luepke – A22-0110 – Denied
6.          State of Minnesota vs. Raphael Ulisses Gurneau – A21-1288 – Denied
7.          In re the Estate of Vernie Carl Payne, Deceased – A21-1316 – Denied
8.          Joseph Bergeron vs. Commissioner of Corrections, Paul Schnell, et al. – A22-0021 – Denied
9.          State of Minnesota vs. Kristina Rae Beare – A21-1317 – Denied
10.        Paul Herlache vs. Amy Rucks – A21-1427 – Granted
11.        In the Matter of the Welfare of: R.K.W., Child – A21-1684 – Granted
12.        The Estate of Michael T. Conneran, Jr. vs. Michelle Knipe, et al. – A21-1345 – Denied
13.        Pablito Vega vs. Department of Employment and Economic Development – A21-1657 – Denied
14.        John Louis Corrigan vs. State of Minnesota – A22-0004 – Denied
15.        Anthony Emerson Howson vs. State of Minnesota – A22-0010 – Denied
16.        Jeanine Slonim vs. Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Employment and Economic Development – A21-1243 – Denied
17.        State of Minnesota vs. Nancy Jean Feltus – A21-0916 – Denied
18.        State of Minnesota vs. Ley Enrique Ortiz Calleja – A22-0071 – Denied
19.        State of Minnesota vs. Bounkieng Sinthavong – A21-1102 – Denied
20.        Roda Hassan Ali vs. Hope Daycare and Department of Employment and Economic Development – A22-0751 – Denied
21.        In re the Marriage of: Timothy Daniel Lorbiecke vs. Wendy Leigh Lorbiecke – A21-1589 – Denied


22.        State of Minnesota vs. Abraham Isaac Bell – A20-1638 – Stay lifted/Review denied in part/Briefing ordered 
23.        State of Minnesota vs. Christopher Floyd Boder – A21-0216 – Review denied in part/Stayed