This page shows the title and link for the downloaded "How to File a Motion video". There is a high and low bandwidth version.  Click on either the broadband or dialup link depending on your internet connection.  The video was divided into "Parts" for downloading purposes only.  Please view the entire video in order, starting with Part 1.


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Part 1: Use a Motion to ask for a New Court Order (4 min \ 34 sec)   Broadband Dial Up
Part 2: Get the Required Forms (2 min \ 44 sec) Broadband Dial Up
Part 3: Fill Out the Notice of Motion and Motion (3 min \ 0 sec) Broadband Dial Up
Part 4: Fill Out the Affidavit in Support of Motion with Tips from the Judge (5 min \ 14 sec) Broadband Dial Up
Part 5: Sign Forms and Get a Court Date ( 1 min) Broadband Dial Up
Part 6: Deliver Your Forms to the Other Person (4 min \ 1 sec) Broadband Dial Up
Part 7: File Your Forms and Go to Your Hearing (2 min \ 24 sec) Broadband Dial Up