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Supreme Court Order Re: Amendments to the Code of Judicial Conduct

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2004

 By order filed December 9, 2003, this court created the Advisory Committee to Review the Code of Judicial Conduct and the Rules of the Board on Judicial Standards.  Among other subjects, the court directed the Advisory Committee to consider revision of Canon 3A(8) of the Code of Judicial Conduct (Code) to conform to its counterpart in the ABA Model Code on Judicial Standards and revision of Canon 5 of our Code in light of recent legal developments.  The Advisory Committee submitted its report to the court on April 15, 2004, recommending amendments to Canons 3 and 5.  By order filed April 19, 2004, the court set a hearing date of May 26, 2004, and invited comments on the committee’s recommendations by May 19, 2004.  Following the hearing, additional comments were allowed and received.

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