Soomaali/Somali Resources

Halkan hoose waxaa laguugu soo bandhigay qoraalo ku caawinaya (foomamka maxkamaddaha, warbixin daabacan, Bogag xambaarsan xog la soo koobay, iwm) kuna af Soomaali.
The following is a list of resources (forms, brochures, information sheet, notices, etc.) in Somali

Conciliation Court General Info and Guide Consider Mediation before Filing a Case in Conciliation Court Landlords-How to File an Eviction Action Housing Expungement Brochure Domestic Violence Court Brochure What to Expect-Divorce in Minnesota A Parental Guide to Making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions English/Somali legal glossary
Some Guidelines when Completing the Statement of Claim and Summons for Conciliation Court Notifying Tenant Screening Companies about your Expungement Fines Collection Officer Referral Sheet How to File a Motion to Reopen a Previously Paid Citation
Instructions - Waiver of Court Fees and Costs (In Forma Pauperis) (IFP101)

Petitioner's Instructions for Expungement (Sealing) of Criminal Records (EXP101)

 Motion to Modify Child Support Expedited Process (CSX201)

Notice of Motion and Motion to Stop Cost of Living Adjustment Instructions (CSD402) FORM 3.  APPENDIX A Notice of Motion and Motion for Expungement of Eviction Record (HOU502) Eviction Action Answer (HOU202) Paternity Statement of Rights (PAT101) Petition to Proceed Pro Se Counsel (CRM704)
Petition to Enter Guilty Plea (Felony) (CRM101) Petition to Enter a Guilty Plea Misdemeanor or Gross Misdemeanor (CRM102) Personal Well Being Report (GAC11-U) Felony - Gross Misdemeanor First Appearance Statement of Rights Notice to Petitioner Regarding Information Provided in Petition and Affidivit (OFP103) Confidential Address / Phone Request (OFP107) Domestic Abuse Instruction Sheet (OFP201) Gross Misdemeanor DUI Statement of Rights Misdemeanor Statement of Rights Petty Misdemeanor Statement of Rights Public Defender Application
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Statement of Defendant's Rights - Soomaali