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Supreme Court Amends Public Access Rules

Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Court has finished its deliberations and has promulgated and released amendments to the Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch, and related court rules, to be effective March 1, 2008. 

Court’s order and rules as promulgated showing the changes adopted in strikeout/underline format

Access Rules Modifications adopted effective March 1, 2008:

1. Race Records: Amends Access Rule 4 to recognize that race records from court computer systems are routinely disclosed to parties as part of the voir dire process;

2. Historical Records: Amends Access Rule 8 to allow remote access to publicly accessible historical records (i.e., those in existence for at least 90 years), including records submitted by the parties;

3. Preconviction/Preadjudication Records: Amends Access Rule 8 to limit remote access to preconviction and preadjudication juvenile records in the same manner as preconviction criminal records.

4. Audio Recordings of District Court Proceedings: Adopts a new rule 4, subd. 3, based in part on a local Illinois rule (Cir. Rule 1.03 (2006)) that (i) recognizes that the transcript is the official record and that recordings are intended to support the creation of that record; (ii) precludes public access to recorded conversations between attorney and client; (iii) states that public access or playback of any recordings is controlled by the trial court judge and that control is subject to appellate review.