News Item
Appointments Made to Minnesota Judicial Council; Vice-Chair Elected

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea has appointed two members to the Minnesota Judicial Council for three-year terms.  Appointed were the Honorable Lisa N. Borgen, Seventh Judicial District, and the Honorable Thomas J. Kalitowski, Court of Appeals, who was reappointed to the Council for a second term. The Judicial Council is the administrative policy-making body for the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Paul Maatz, Ninth Judicial District Administrator, was chosen for a three-year term by the Judicial District Administrators. Chuck Kjos, Olmsted County District Court Administrator; was selected by the court administrators to serve a second three-year term. The Honorable James B. Florey, Chief Judge of the Sixth Judicial District, was elected by the members of the Council to serve a two-year term as Vice-Chair. All terms are effective July 1, 2011.

The Judicial Council is composed of 25 members. Fourteen are members by virtue of their office:

  • The Chief Justice, who serves as Chair
  • The Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals
  • The Chief Judges of the 10 Judicial Districts
  • The President of the Minnesota District Judges Association
  • The State Court Administrator (non-voting member)

 Eleven members are appointed for terms of three years:

  • One Supreme Court Associate Justice, appointed by the Chief Justice
  • Five at-large judges appointed by the Chief Justice, three of whom must be district court judges
  • One at-large appointment from within the Judicial Branch, appointed by the Chief Justice (non-voting member)
  • Three Judicial District administrators chosen by the Judicial District Administrators (non-voting member)
  • One court administrator chosen by the court administrators (non-voting member)