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Fifth Judicial District Request for Continuance Best Practice

It is the practice of this Court to provide justice for citizens without unnecessary delay and without undue waste of the time and other resources of the Court, the litigants, and other case participants. For all of its case types and dockets, and in all of its courtrooms, the Court looks with strong disfavor on motions or requests to continue court events. To protect the credibility of scheduled trial dates, trial-date continuances are especially disfavored.

Except in unusual circumstances, any continuance motion or request must be in writing. Each continuance motion or request must state reasons and be signed by the attorney or party making the request.

The Court will grant a continuance only for good cause shown. On a case-by-case basis, the Court will evaluate whether sufficient cause justifies a continuance. No request for continuance will be considered if the requesting party has an active warrant.
For information on requesting a continuance, please contact the Court Administrator of the county in which the case is pending.

Fifth Judicial District Request for Continuance Policy
Fifth Judicial District Request for Continuance Form