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Hennepin Civil Court "Buddy Judge" Roster

Hennepin County Judges & Referees »
Hennepin County District Court »
  • Abrams (Judge), Miller, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Burke, K. (Judge), S. Burke, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Burke, S. (Judge), K. Burke, Klein, Peterson, Robiner, Vasaly (Buddy Judges)
  • Janisch (Judge), Miller, Moreno (Buddy Judges)
  • Klein (Judge), S. Burke (Buddy Judge)
  • Magill (Judge), Moreno (Buddy Judge)
  • Miller (Judge), Bernhardson, Janisch, Robiner, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Moreno (Judge), Janisch, Magill (Buddy Judges)
  • Peterson (Judge), S. Burke, Vasaly (Buddy Judges)
  • Regis (Judge), Moreno, Siegesmund (Buddy Judges)
  • Robiner (Judge), Daly, Moreno (Buddy Judges)
  • Sheehy (Judge)
  • Siegesmund (Judge)
  • Vasaly (Judge), S. Burke, Peterson (Buddy Judges)
  • Wahl (Judge), Abrams, Miller (Buddy Judges)