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Racial Fairness Committee

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Mission and History

The Racial Fairness Committee’s mission: "To identify and eliminate barriers to racial and cultural fairness in all components of the Minnesota judicial system and create action plans to ensure public trust and confidence in the courts."

The Minnesota Supreme Court created the Task Force on Racial Bias in the Courts on December 20, 1990. The first Task Force meeting was held on January 17, 1991. On June 10, 1993, the Task Force released its Final Report (PDF).

The Supreme Court also ordered the creation of the Implementation Committee on Multicultural Diversity and Racial Fairness in the Courts, later known as the Racial Fairness Committee. The Racial Fairness Committee was charged with implementing and monitoring the recommendations of the Task Force's Report.

The Racial Fairness Committee sunset in December 2010.  The Racial Fairness Committee's charge and mission is carried on through the new Judicial Council advisory committee; the Committee for Equality and Justice. You can read the Final Progress Report for the Racial Fairness Committee here: Final Progress Report: December 2010.


Kim Larson
Court Services Division