Minnesota Judicial Branch
This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1985-10-02 Order Public Records Interim Rls.pdf811 KB
1986 to 1993 Appt Orders Public Records Adv Cmte.pdf284 KB
1987-03-25 Order Re Sealed Bids.pdf114 KB
1987-08-18 Records Adv Cmte Rpt.pdf3295 KB
1987-09-21 Order Gender Fairness Records.pdf132 KB
1987-09-23 Order 12-16-87 Hearing and Responses.pdf4942 KB
1988-02-01 Order Adoption of Access to Records Rls.pdf986 KB
1994-04-18 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf447 KB
1994-05-12 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf70 KB
1994-08-22 Order Disclosure Juv Records.pdf90 KB
1994-08-23 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf116 KB
1994-12-01 Order Appraisal Project Records.pdf137 KB
1995-03-15 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf115 KB
1995-05-10 Order Disclosure Juv Records.pdf89 KB
1995-07-18 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf70 KB
1996-01-11 Order Jud Improvement Records.pdf68 KB
1996-02-26 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf108 KB
1996-05-03 Order Child Task Force Records.pdf70 KB
1996-05-15 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf564 KB
1996-06-12 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf137 KB
1996-07-08 Order Foster Care-Adoption Records.pdf73 KB
1996-07-11 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf66 KB
1996-09-20 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf70 KB
1997-02-06 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf149 KB
1997-03-27 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf440 KB
1997-04-28 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf116 KB
1997-08-05 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf455 KB
1997-08-08 Order Development Prog Records.pdf161 KB
1997-09-07 Order Disclosure Juv Records.pdf461 KB
1997-10-02 Order Disclosure Juv Records.pdf705 KB
1997-12-23 Disclosure Juv Records.pdf1360 KB
1998-01-09 Order Disclosure Juv Records.pdf96 KB
1998-01-12 Order Disclosure TCIS Records.pdf85 KB
1998-03-03 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf124 KB
1998-07-22 Order Juv Records.pdf70 KB
1998-09-29 Order Acess to Records.pdf76 KB
1998-10-05 Order Re Access to Records.pdf97 KB
1998-10-14 Order Access to Records.pdf74 KB
1999-02-11 Order Trust Survey Records.pdf61 KB
1999-05-28 Order Child Support Records.pdf156 KB
1999-06-29 Order Welfare Records Access.pdf153 KB
1999-08-11 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf442 KB
2000-06-26 Order Juvenile Records Access.pdf133 KB
2000-08-18 Order Welfare Records Access.pdf170 KB
2000-08-31 Order Employee Addr Records Access.pdf77 KB
2000-10-26 Order Employee Addr Records Access.pdf74 KB
2000-11-20 Order Juvenile Records.pdf113 KB
2001-03-21 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf60 KB
2001-04-18 Order Employee Addr Records Access(1).pdf81 KB
2001-04-18 Order Employee Addr Records Access(2).pdf82 KB
2001-05-14 Order Disclosure Juv Database.pdf58 KB
2001-12-03 Order Family Law Records Access.pdf90 KB
2002-07-16 Order Court Records Access.pdf121 KB
2003 Access to Records Appt Ord.pdf40 KB
2003-01-23 Access Pub Records Adv Cmte Order.pdf229 KB
2003-01-23 Access Pub Records Appt Order.pdf229 KB
2004 Public Access Appt Orders.pdf41 KB
2004-06-28 Public Access Cmte Final Rpt.pdf937 KB
2004-07-08 Pub Access Hearing Ord & Responses.pdf12745 KB
2005-05-06 Order Pub Access Amend.pdf403 KB
2005-06-17 Amended Ord Public Access.pdf84 KB
2005-07-01 Amended Order Public Access.pdf36 KB
2006 Access to Public Records Appt Order.pdf22 KB
2006-08-09 Order 4th Jud Dist Program.pdf61 KB
2006-08-21 Order Juv Prot Records.pdf39 KB
2006-11-13 Public Access Cmte Final Report.pdf624 KB
2006-11-28 Public Access Hearing Order.pdf30 KB
2007-04-27 Order Gen Rls-Public Access Amendments.pdf263 KB
2007-06-21 Order Access and Fairness Survey.pdf66 KB
2007-09-11 Final Report - Public Access Rls Cmte.pdf5117 KB
2007-09-14 Order Public Access 11-13-07 Hearing & Responses.pdf5765 KB
2007-09-17 SC Adm Ofc Proposed Amendments.pdf648 KB
2007-12-28 Order Public Access Rls Amendments.pdf282 KB
2008-01-10 Order Access to Survey Respondents.pdf42 KB
2008-11-13 Order Disclosure Juv Court Database.pdf216 KB
2009-06-03 Order Disclosure of Race Data.pdf31 KB
2009-08-18 Order Disclosure of Race & Juv Data.pdf50 KB
2009-12-01 Order Disclosure of Race & Juv Data.pdf44 KB
2010-04-16 Order Disclosure of Race & Preconviction Data.pdf48 KB
2010-06-09 Order Disclosure of Statewide Paternity Case Records.pdf58 KB
2010-07-13 Order Access for Innocence Project.pdf506 KB
2011-07-05 Order Disclosure of Race Data to BCA.pdf259 KB