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What is Court Integration Services?

Court Integration Services is an enterprise-wide strategy of the Minnesota Judicial Branch to facilitate application-to-application electronic exchange of data between the courts and their business partners.

The infrastructure that supports Court Integration Services is maintained by staff in the Information Technology Division of State Court Administration.

General data exchange services have been developed for use by authorized court business partners. Integration Services also provides point-to-point integrations between the Judicial Branch and specific business partners.

Refer to the Court Integration Services Fact Sheet for a high-level overview of Court Integration Services.

Note: Agencies that need view-only access to court information, but do not want to reprogram their systems to consume Integration Services, can gain access through MNCIS Public Access (MPA) or MNCIS Odyssey Access (OA).

Agencies wishing to subscribe to Court Integration Services can request access here. This is a list of the Integration Partners who currently subscribe to the various Court Integration Services.

General Services

The data interface to these services is a set of XML schemas referred to as CourtXML. CourtXML defines the structure and content of messages that are published by Integration Services, as well as the inbound messages that are submitted by business partners to the courts.

Event Notification Services (Publish/Subscribe)

Notification messages are published as updates to court information occur. Partners may subscribe to receive these messages.
Service Description
Case Notifications Notification messages are published when case information is changed at different stages of case processing.
Bond Notifications Notification messages are published when bond information is updated.
Party Notifications Notification messages are published when specific party updates occur.   Currently in development.  Not available for production at this time.
E-Filing Services (Submission/Response)

Authorized agencies may submit electronic documents (e-filings) to the court which result in transactions that update court records.

Refer to the E-Filing Fact Sheet for a high-level overview of e-filing services.

Refer to the E-Filing Technical Overview document for information that is common to all e-file submission services.
Service Description
Attorney Assignment Submit attorney assignments or attorney removals for the defendant or the plaintiff, for a specific criminal case. Prosecutor offices and public defender offices would most likely use this service.
Batch Citations The MNCIS Batch Citation Process is designed to allow agencies to create batches of citations that can be electronically transmitted from a Law Enforcement record management system to the Court.
Biometric Collection Status Update the biometric collection status for fingerprints and DNA on criminal case defendants.
Case Detention Status Allows agencies to electronically submit the detention status for a defendant on a specific court case to the court.
Complaint Supplement Document Allows authorized agencies to electronically submit an image of a criminal complaint to the Court so that it can be electronically attached to a court case file.
Criminal Case Initiation A group of services which allow authorized agencies to initiate adult criminal cases within the court system. There are separate submission message formats for criminal complaints, tab charges, and citations. In addition, there is an Initiate Criminal Case service that is used internally by the courts.
Hearing Scheduling Schedule, reset and cancel hearings.
Initial Release Conditions Specify initial release conditions for a defendant on a criminal case.
Interpreter Status Update the interpreter status of a criminal case defendant.
Other Agency Cross Reference Associates other agency identifiers with MNCIS cases. A given court case could have multiple case cross reference number identifiers. The cross reference numbers serve to relate the court case to corresponding records in external record management systems.
Other Agency Note Adds an informational case event reflecting non-court case activity to a MNCIS case.
Other Agency Person Identifier Associates an identifier from another system to a MNCIS person record.
Professional Party Assignment Submit selected professional party assignment or removals for a specific court case. Agencies that assign probation officers or victim witness advocates might use this service.
Warrant Status Submit a warrant status to the Court indicating that a warrant has been cleared by arrest.

Query Services (Request/Reply)

Authorized agencies may request and retrieve court information on an ad hoc basis through the use of query services.
Service Description
Case Get Query information pertaining to specified cases. This service provides options which allow the requestor to specify the criteria for which types of cases should be included in the results, and what types of data should be returned.
Case Search by Party Search for MNCIS cases that are associated with specific parties. This service provides search options which allow the requestor to specify the party criteria by which the case search should be done.
Party Search Search for MNCIS parties.

Point-To-Point Integrations

Point-to-point integrations support the need for the courts to electronically pass data to specific business partner agencies, or to other court applications.
  Court to Business Partner Agency
Integration Description
BCA: Dispositions Court Disposition pass to the Criminal History Repository at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)
Adult and Juvenile disposition data from MNCIS has been passed to the BCA since July 2004. The CCH disposition pass includes both adult and juvenile disposition data. The adult disposition data includes felony, gross misdemeanor and targeted misdemeanor charges as well as dispositions where the charge was originally filed as a felony, gross misdemeanor or targeted misdemeanor and disposed at a lesser level. The juvenile data includes both felony and gross misdemeanor dispositions.
BCA: Domestic Abuse No
Contact Orders
Provide information regarding Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) including a court verified driver's license photo of the defendant if it is available.
BCA: Order For Protection Provide information regarding Orders for Protection to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)
Collection Agency: Cases referred for payment collection Collection Agency Pass
Pass case information to a collection agency when collection activity needs to be initiated or updated.
DNR: Dispositions Court disposition pass to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Adult and Juvenile dispositions from MNCIS are passed to the DNR on a scheduled basis. The type of data passed will be DNR-specific dispositions.
DVS: DL Notice Provide real time electronic transmission of Driver's License Suspensions and Reinstatements and notifications of No Proof of Insurance violations to the Department of Public Safety.
DVS: Driving Convictions

Court conviction pass to Department of Public Safety/Driver Vehicle Services (DVS)
Adult and Juvenile convictions from MNCIS have been electronically passed to DVS, to be applied to drivers license records, since November 2004. The court's conviction data is sent at the time of initial conviction. The ability to pass updates to convictions is planned for another phase of the project with DVS.
OSS: Voting Rights Office of the Secretary of State (OSS) voting rights pass.  Court actions that impact an individual's voting rights are passed to the OSS when entered into MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System).  Actions passed include legal name changes; voting rights removal due to felony convictions, civil commitments and guardianship judgments; and restoration of voting rights upon discharge of a felony sentence or the end of an individual's commitment or guardianship status.
BCA: National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) pass to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)The Courts will pass data to the BCA where there is a finding of incompetency, a dismissal/acquittal due to mental illness/deficiency, a civil commitment, or a restoration of rights in the Criminal, Juvenile, or Probate/Mental Health case categories that impact an individual's firearms rights. The BCA passes the data to the NICS system maintained by the FBI.
  Court Application to Court Application
Integration Description
Appellate Case Initiation MACS (Minnesota Appellate Case Management System) requests and receives case information from MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System) to initiate new appeals cases. This service utilizes the Case Get service to provide the MACS application with the trial court case data that is needed to initiate appellate cases.
Judge Maintenance to MACS Judge information is passed from the Judge Maintenance system to MACS(Minnesota Appellate Court System).
Judge Maintenance to MNCIS Judge information is passed from the Judge Maintenance system to MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System).
MARS to MNCIS Attorney information is passed from the Minnesota Attorney Registration System (MARS) to MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System).
MARS to MACS Attorney information is passed from the Minnesota Attorney Registration System (MARS) to MACS (Minnesota Appellate Court System).
MARS to CLE Attorney information is passed from the Minnesota Attorney Registration System (MARS) to the Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education.
OFP Case Initiation The Orders For Protection (OFP) system requests and receives MNCIS case information to initiate new orders.


Update Notifications:

When integration services are modified or enhanced, or when new general integration services are available, a notification e-mail is sent out to communicate these changes. To receive these communications, please send an email, using the 'Contact Us' link below, and ask to be included in future notifications. You may also visit Release Notifications for more information.
RSS FeedAn RSS feed is also available to provide timely notification when updates are made to selected documentation and schemas.

Contact Us:
Please use the form below to send an e-mail to the Integration team at the Minnesota Judicial Center if you have questions or comments. If you are currently using a service and are experiencing problems, please use established problem reporting procedures.

If you have questions about a service that you may be interested in accessing, please specify:
  • The name of your agency or organization
  • The name of the integration service about which you are asking
  • The county with which you are affiliated, if applicable
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