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Three Steps to Start eFiling and eServing

Step #1:  Designate an eFile "Administrator"

Choose a firm/agency representative(s) to be an eFile "Administrator." The eFile Administrator will be responsible for creating and managing the account and firm user information.

Step #2:   Training

The eFile Administrator should receive training BEFORE registering an account for the firm/agency in the system. The training is important because it provides details on how to manage an account and add more administrators. Any user identified by the eFile Administrator may also receive training.

Step #3:   Register for an OFS Account

Click on "Register Now" in the login box in the eFile and eServe application to complete the registration process and set up an account for a firm or agency. NOTE: The eFile Administrator only needs to register and create an account one time to enable legal professionals in their firm or agency to eFile and eServe in any court where the service has been made available.

An Internet browser is required. We recommend Firefox 9.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0 or a higher release version. Neither Chrome or Safari are recommended web browsers. 

eFiling will come at a minimal cost to you.  Besides the browser, all that will be required will be a valid eMail address, which you must update in the system if it changes at any time in the future, and a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card for the statutory filing and eServe fee. American Express is not accepted.