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Forms - Criminal Expungement


Step 1: Get your criminal case history
  Before you start to fill out your forms, you must get the detailed history of your criminal case(s) for all cases where you were charged with a crime, including cases where you were not convicted. You must write details of your case histories into the court forms.
Step 2: Download or get the court forms for criminal expungement
  You can download Criminal Expungement Forms or you can buy a pre-printed forms packet along with your criminal case history at your local courthouse.
Step 3: Fill out the forms

Crim Exp Tutorial Step-by-Step Criminal Expungement Tutorial is an online video tutorial that explains step-by-step how to complete the forms and the procedures to follow after completing the forms.

Step by Step Guide to Criminal Expungement FormsStep-by-Step Guide to Criminal Expungement (.pdf) is set of printed instructions to learn how to fill out the forms and understand the procedures to follow after completing the forms.


Step 4: Use the Proof of Service form to identify government offices you must notify about your expungement case

Proof of Service Form EXP104 IMPORTANT STEP: Use Proof of Service Form EXP104 to serve expungement forms on government offices who might have a record of your criminal case.

The most difficult step for many people is serving notice of their expungement petition on government offices that keep criminal records. It is VERY important to do this step correctly. If you make a mistake, an expungement that is granted may not affect some government offices, OR you might have to start over.

Arrested, but not charged?

If you were arrested but not charged with a crime, there will not be a court record for that event. The police and the BCA may have records of the arrest, and there is a non-court process to expunge arrest (only) records under Minnesota law.


Get Help with Criminal Expungement

Visit Legal Advice Clinics & Self-Help Centers available in your area. If you are low income, you be qualify for help from a legal aid office or volunteer attorney. The Council on Crime & Justice also offers free expungement workshops for the public.


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