Judge Stephen M. Halsey


Judge Stephen M. Halsey was appointed in 2002 by Governor Jesse Ventura and elected in 2004, 2010, and 2016. His current term expires in January 2023, but his mandatory retirement is in December 2021. Judge Halsey graduated from St. Cloud State College in 1973 (Economics) and William Mitchell College of Law (Juris Doctor) in 1978. He is the former Chair of the Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the General Rules of Practice.
Judge Halsey has been an advocate for judicial outreach to the public since his appointment. He is the co-host, with Judge Elizabeth Strand, of “The District Court Show,” a public affairs cable TV program that is aired throughout the Tenth Judicial District. Over 125 episodes have been produced from 2004 – 2021 on issues such as tribal courts, DWI, divorce, cameras in the courtroom, sentencing, truancy, veteran’s court, drug court, child custody, teen driving safety, and jury duty. Episodes may be viewed at Quad Cities Community TV (www.QCTV.org.) Judge Halsey has submitted over 250 newspaper articles throughout the Tenth Judicial District informing the public about issues before the court. He also has a blog, “Jurors Behaving Badly.”