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This page includes resources for various government partners of the Judicial Branch. Some of these resources are web pages or documents maintained by the Judicial Branch, and others are maintained by other agencies or partners.

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Minnesota Government Access (MGA)The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers Minnesota Government Access (MGA) accounts to government agencies. New MGA accounts allow government agencies to view appropriate electronic court records and documents stored in the Minnesota Court Information System for cases in Minnesota district courts.

Court Integration Services is an enterprise-wide strategy of the Minnesota Judicial Branch to facilitate application-to-application electronic exchange of data between the courts and their business partners.

Document integrations are an application-to-application electronic exchange of certain documents between the courts and their business partners.

Minnesota Partner Calendar (MPARC)

The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers Minnesota Partner Calendar (MPARC) access to Minnesota government agencies. MPARC allows Minnesota government agencies access to court calendar information in real time. MPARC is a web-based application that requires no installation. Users access MPARC through individual login accounts.

CHIPS Parent Attorney Roster
The CHIPS Parent Attorney Roster of qualified attorneys maintained by the State Court Administrator's Office has been sunset.  

CHIPS Parent Attorney Requirements Repealed

Since 2012, parent attorneys appointed in juvenile protection cases have had additional qualification requirements. Minn. Stat. § 260C.163, subd. 3(i), provided that court-appointed counsel for these individuals needed to meet one of the following qualifications: 

"(1) has a minimum of two years' experience handling child protection cases; (2) has training in handling child protection cases from a course or courses approved by the Judicial Council; or (3) is supervised by an attorney who meets the minimum qualifications under clause (1) or (2).”

That requirement has now been repealed effective July 1, 2021. (See 1st. Sp. Chapter 7, Article 9, section 5 and 1st. Sp. Chapter 14, Article 11, section 35.) Court-appointed parent attorneys now have the same qualification requirements for representing parties in juvenile protection cases as county attorneys, public defenders, and other attorneys. They no longer need to appear on a roster of approved attorneys in order to be appointed by the court to represent parents, guardians, or custodians.

CHIPS Parent Attorney Roster (Historical Version)   
A list of attorneys who were on the roster as of August 20, 2021, can be found here for historical purposes. 
Attorneys on the CHIPS Parent Attorney Roster as of August 20, 2021

Resources for CHIPS Parent Attorneys
In terms of resources moving forward, there is high-quality, relevant, and accessible online core skills training available to attorneys in each district to prepare them to handle child protection cases as well as a series of ongoing training opportunities and a robust list serve to support them in their efforts.

The parent attorney community has a list of attorneys in each judicial district who have volunteered to serve as leaders within their community and as liaisons to the court. They can connect attorneys doing the work or interested in doing the work with resources and support as well as participate in conversations with county administration and court administration about local appointment practices. They can also help court staff understand who is available for appointments in their area.

The parent attorney community continues to explore ways to further develop interest in the work statewide to meet the growing demand for parent attorneys in juvenile protection cases.
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