Minnesota Partner Calendar

The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers Minnesota Partner Calendar (MPARC) access to Minnesota government agencies. MPARC allows Minnesota government agencies access to court calendar information in real time. MPARC is a web-based application that requires no installation. Users access MPARC through individual login accounts.

Minnesota Partner Calendar (MPARC) Subscriber Access Overview

For access to Minnesota Partner Calendar please contact your Agency Account Manager. If you are a new Agency, submit an inquiry that provides the name of your agency for access.

Minnesota Partner Request for Agency Access 


Important Information

Each agency is required under the Master Subscriber Agreement to have an Agency Account Manager. Larger agencies may need to have more than one Agency Account Manager.  However, we strongly recommend agencies have no more than two agency account managers.

The Agency Account Manager responsibilities include:
  • Serving as the point of contact between the agency and the State Court Administrator’s Office;
  • Add, maintain and remove agency user access within the application. This includes locking and removing agency user access when there is a change of employment, violation of the terms of use, or other reasons. 
  • Maintain an active MPARC account by logging into the application at least once every 90 days.
  • Inform any changes of Agency Account Managers to the State Court Administrator's Office using this form
Carefully read the Policies & Notices to learn applicable policies and notices related to your account. Check back periodically for new versions. This document provides important information on the supporting Court Rules and terms and conditions governing your account. The Master Subscriber Agreement requires that you stay up to date on this information.

Additional Resources: 

Minnesota Government Access (MGA) Application Overview


Can I use my browser’s Back button to navigate?

No. Rather than using the Back button, use the Search Calendar or Return to Calendar buttons.

Will MPARC replace Odyssey Assistant (OA)? 

MPARC is not meant to fully replace OA, but does provide the real time calendar information that OA does. We advise users to use MPARC and MGA together. 

Why was I logged out of the application?

If you are not interacting with the application (i.e. selecting a button on the page), you will automatically be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Why am I not finding a hearing when searching in a specific county or district?

  • Hearings on a case from one county or district may be scheduled on a calendar session that is located in another county or district. Some counties regularly schedule certain hearings or case types on another county’s calendar due to judge assignments.  Hearings may also be scheduled on another county’s calendar due to a conflict. 
  • Users may find it helpful to create multiple favorite calendars in MPARC to locate hearings that are frequently scheduled on other counties’ calendars.  Also, if an isolated case is being heard by a judge chambered in a county other than where the case is venued, it may help to check the calendar for the judge’s regular county.
For information or support, please use one of the options below.
Use the Contact Support MPARC Form for questions about how to use the MPARC application, or if you are having a technical issue within the MPARC system. Provide as much detail as possible.

By Phone: 

  • Twin Cities Metro (calling from area codes 612, 651, 763, or 952) or international: (651) 413-8160
  • All other callers: (833) 707-2791
If you are a user of assistive technology and are experiencing an accessibility issue within MPARC, please use the Accessibility Support Form.

To request an accommodation, visit the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accomodations page.