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eFile Documents

Effective July 1, 2015, eFiling is mandatory for attorneys, government agencies, and guardians ad litem who file documents in the Hennepin County District Court. This requirement is part of recent amendments to the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, enacted by a MN Supreme Court order issued on April 23, 2015.

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File Paper Documents

Unless you are required to e-file, you may file completed court forms and other documents by sending them to the Hennepin Court Division where the case is handled. Generally, you may file by mail, in person, or by fax. Filing fees apply unless you qualify for a fee waiver due to low income.
You may file documents yourself or have someone else do it for you. Filing in court is a different from "serving" documents on other parties.
Important! There are short deadlines in handling a legal matter in court, including when documents can be filed. Act promptly. If you miss a deadline, you may not be able to file later.
General requirements:
  • if you are filing court forms, make sure you have completed all of the required blanks
  • make sure the correct court file number (if assigned) is on your documents
  • make sure all documents are signed and notarized (if required)
  • file only original documents with the court (keep copies for yourself)
  • if you file by mail, make sure you include enough postage
  • you must include the payment for all required filing fees (check made to: District Court Administrator), unless you get an Order waiving the fees signed by a judge

Filing a Motion in Family Court

If you want to file a motion in the Hennepin County Family Court and you are not represented by an attorney, then your motion must be screened by staff at the Family Court Self-Help Center before a hearing date will be set. (Except: Screening is not required for "ex pro" child support motions when the Hennepin County Child Support Office is involved in the case.) For more details, please read the Mandatory Motion Screening information on the Self Help Center tab on the Hennepin County District Court webpage.

Notify the Court of Changes to Your Address or Contact Information

You must always notify the court of any change in your contact information, including your name, address or phone number. lf the contact information is out of date, you may not receive important notices from the court or other parties in the case.

Wills Deposited in Court for Safekeeping

Minnesota law allows people to deposit a will with the court for safekeeping. This is similar to storing the will in a safe deposit box at a bank. Learn more about the process for Wills on the Probate Court page.