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Hennepin Civil Court "Buddy Judge" Roster

Hennepin County Judges & Referees »
Hennepin County District Court »
  • Anderson, Jamie (Judge): Conroy, Sande, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Burke, Susan (Judge): Klein, Robiner (Buddy Judges)
  • Conley, Thomas (Judge): Magill, Siegesmund (Buddy Judges)
  • Conroy, Lois (Judge): Anderson, Miller, Siegesmund (Buddy Judges)
  • Janisch, Karen (Judge): Anderson, Miller (Buddy Judges)
  • Klein, Joseph (Judge): S. Burke, Wahl (Buddy Judge)
  • Magill, Frank (Judge): Conley (Buddy Judge)
  • Miller, Laurie (Judge):  Janisch, Robiner, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Peralta, Nelson (Judge): Magill (Buddy Judge)
  • Robiner, Susan (Judge): Robben, Siegesmund (Buddy Judges)
  • Sande, Christian (Judge): Anderson, B. Sullivan (Buddy Judges)
  • Siegesmund, Kristin (Judge): Conley, Conroy (Buddy Judges)
  • Sullivan, Bridget (Judge): Sande, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Sullivan, Rachna (Judge): Conroy, Miller, Wahl (Buddy Judges)
  • Wahl, Edward (Judge): Anderson, Conley, Miller (Buddy Judges)