St. Louis County - Hibbing Courthouse History

Hibbing's courthouse is one of three courthouses in St. Louis County.  The 1954 courthouse has a contemporary design with Indiana limestone on the exterior and red marble on the massive interior wall between the courtrooms.  The long hallway connecting the two ends of the building takes advantage of natural light transmitted through unique domes spaced along its length.  The south end of the courthouse is adorned with long columns that seem to glow at night when they are lit.

The two-story building was designed by Jyring and Jurenes of Hibbing and built for $840,000.  A glass panel extends through the entire height at one end of the long face of the building.  A one-story office corridor connects this with another two-story section of the building.

 It replaces the 1916 courthouse, which was similar to the St. Louis County Courthouses in Duluth and Virginia.  It was demolished when the entire town of North Hibbing moved south in response to expanding open-pit iron mining operations.

Historical information adapted from "The First 100 Years... The Minnesota State Bar Association."

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