District Court Fees

Court users are required to pay fees for filing and for services as set out in Minnesota law.  If you cannot afford to pay a court fee, you can ask to have the fee reduced or waived.  
The Minnesota Base Fees amounts do not include county law library fees. Select your county to see the total fee amounts including any applicable law library fee amount.  Make checks payable to: District Court Administrator

Minnesota District Court Fees (excluding law library fees) Minnesota counties may assess an additional law library fee to the fees listed here. Please select a county from the dropdown list to see the calculated fees for that county.
File a Rent Escrow, Lockout, or Emergency Tenant Remedies Action in a Residential Housing Case
Fee: $65.00
Authorization: Minn. Stat. § § 504B.375 , subd. 3(f), 504B.385 , subd. 4, 504B.381, subd. 8, 357.022, 134A.09, 134A.10
File an Eviction Action
Fee: $285.00
Fee Calculation: Base Fee $285
Authorization: Minn. Stat. §   357.021 , subd. 2(1), 134A.09, 134A.10