Notice to McLeod County Reporting Jurors

This information is for jurors who have received a letter in the mail and have been summoned to report for petit jury duty in McLeod County.

Juror Report Line: (320) 864-1279

If you have questions please contact
Deb Kohout: (320) 864-1278
Denise Ortloff: (320) 864-1280
Teresa Giesen: (320) 864-1545


Locate and take note of your assigned group number which appears at the top of the Notice to Report for Jury Duty letter. If your group does not have to come in, you do not need to call.  You will get a letter the next time your services are needed. 

For the jurors who received a letter to report on May 24, 2023:  NO GROUPS NEED TO REPORT ON MAY 24, 2023.  YOU WILL GET A NEW LETTER WHEN YOU ARE NEEDED.  THANK YOU.

If your group was not selected, you do not need to call our office as you will get a new letter the next time your services are needed.  Thank you.

Future jury trial dates:   TERM OF JURORS IS MAY - AUGUST

June 14th
June 28th
July 12th
July 26th
August 1st
August 9th
August 23rd

Jurors will be subject to weapons screening upon entering the courthouse. Any items that could be used as a weapon will not be allowed in areas beyond screening checkpoints and illegal weapons will be confiscated. There may be a line at security checkpoint, so please allow yourself enough time to get into the courthouse.

Cell phones are allowed in the jury assembly room, however, they must be turned off in the courtroom.  There is wireless internet in the jury assembly room and electrical outlets for your use. You may bring a laptop or reading materials for time you may spend waiting for the selection process. 

Minnesota law requires you to serve on jury service if qualified.  You may be guilty of a crime if you fail to show up for jury service as directed (Minn. Stat. § 593.42 Jurors; Failure To Appear).

Thank you in advance for your service as a juror in McLeod County.  The right to a trial by jury is a cornerstone of American democracy and your jury service is an essential part of your local justice system.  Justice cannot be served without the time and dedication of citizens like you.