Hearing eReminders

This is a courtesy service provided by the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Failure to receive a text or email reminder does not excuse failure to appear for court hearings.  

Parties in eligible case types in Minnesota District (Trial) Court can enroll to receive hearing eReminders via text or email which will remind you of the date, time, and location of your upcoming hearing.

You must be a party in the case to enroll in hearing eReminders. Witnesses, victims, attorneys, etc. are not parties in a case and are not eligible for eReminders.​

In most cases, two reminders will be sent: a reminder three days before the hearing and another one day before the hearing. Reminders are sent only one day before the hearing for Eviction cases and only three days before the hearing for Adoption cases.

This is an optional service provided by the Minnesota Judicial Branch as a courtesy to help you remember to appear for a scheduled hearing, but does not replace an official notice to appear. You should continue to follow instructions from the court for all required appearances. Even if you do not get a hearing reminder, you are still required to attend all of your hearings.

If you attempt to enroll in a case type not listed below, you will not receive reminders.

Enroll in these public case types by selecting the Enroll button on the Enroll Tab:

  • Adult Criminal/Traffic
  • Family (not adoption)
  • Eviction
  • Juvenile Delinquency Felony (Age 16 or Older)
Enroll in these confidential case types by contacting the court administration office found on the hearing notice:
  • Adoption
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Juvenile Petty Offense
  • Juvenile Traffic
For the case types below, you may try to enroll by selecting the enroll button on the Enroll Tab.  If you are unable to access your case, contact the court administration office found on the hearing notice.
  • Juvenile Protection (CHIPS) 
  • Domestic Abuse 
  • Harassment
  • Paternity 
You will need your case number to enroll. The cell phone and email address provided during the enrollment process will be used for any cell phone and email correspondence from the Minnesota District (Trial) Courts. You will not receive eReminders for appellate court hearings.

If you have multiple cases you will be enrolled in eReminders for all cases that can be identified in the system. To ensure all cases are enrolled, you should enroll separately under all court file numbers.

Before enrolling, please be aware of the following:
  • Message and data rates may apply.
  • You can choose to receive reminders via text, email, or both.
  • You may cancel text or email reminders at any time.
  • Your contact information may be viewable to the public in court records and systems as required by law or court rule.
  • If your phone number is confidential (for example, you are a petitioner in an OFP or HRO case and you requested that the court keep your phone number confidential) DO NOT USE the enroll button below. Contact the court listed on your hearing notice to enroll.
Please note: You are not eligible for this service if you are not a party in the case (such as witnesses, victims, attorneys, etc). 

Enroll in Hearing eReminders
Attorneys are not eligible for this service. 

Do not register your information under you client's name. This could result in your client not receiving notices and important information in other cases or in other jurisdictions.