Court Integration Services enables authorized agencies' systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

Request Access to Court Integration Services

This page contains information for government agencies on how to apply for access to Court Integration Services. For more information on Court Integration Services, please refer to the Court Integration Services homepage.

Please review the information on the tabs on this page to successfully submit your request for Court Integration Services.
  • Step One: Review the information on the Policies & Notices and Other Important Information tab
  • Step Two: Review the information on the Master Subscriber Agreement tab
  • Step Three: Review the information on the Request Form
  • Step Four: Review the information on the Integration Setup Procedures tab
  • Step Five: Review the information on the Support Options tab
Minnesota federal, state, and local government entities are eligible to apply for Court Integration Services.
Carefully read the following Policies & Notices, Catalog of Services, and Technical Documentation. Check back periodically for new versions and updates. These documents give important information on statutes and policies governing Integration Services access. The Master Subscriber Agreement in Step Two requires that you stay up to date with this information.
To obtain Court Integration Services, your agency must be covered by a Master Subscriber Agreement. If your agency has already signed such an agreement, please obtain a copy of it and follow directions on to the Request Form tab.

If your agency is not covered by an existing Master Subscriber Agreement, you must execute a new agreement. For more information on Court Integration Services, please refer to the Policies, Notices & Other Important Information tab.
Government agencies and business units should use the following forms to define their needs and submit requests for Court Integration Services.  Please read the detailed instructions at the end of each form.
  • Request Form - Use this form to submit your request for Integration Services and attach a copy of your agency's Master Subscriber Agreement (or your Request Form will be rejected).
  • Subscriber Checklist - Use this list of activities to guide your process of setting up Court Integration Services.
Send your Request Form by email, along with a copy of your Master Subscriber Agreement, to the email address in section 6 of the request form.
Option 1: If you have questions about the application process described on this page, please send an email to the address in the 'Need Help?' section on the Request Form

Option 2: If you need technical support for Integration Services, please contact Technical Support. Support is available 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Option 3: If you have questions about the case record information that is received and displayed through Integration Services, please contact the applicable court for more information.