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Research, Presentations, and Related Links

Minnesota Drug Court Research & Presentations:

The Minnesota Statewide Adult Drug Court Evaluation, a two-and-a-half-year study, compared 644 non-participants to 535 participants from 16 drug court programs covering 23 counties. The two groups were matched on key characteristics including criminal history, chemical dependency status, and key demographics. The study was produced by the Minnesota Judicial Branch State Court Administrator’s Office.

  • Minnesota Statewide Drug Court Evaluation (2012)
    Report (PDF), 2-Page Summary
    Appendix of Tables (PDF)
    Minnesota Statewide Drug Court Evaluation Committee Member Directory (PDF)
    Offender Drug Courts Tracking Sheet Template

  • Drug Court Team Member Surveys
  • Drug Court Conference Plenary Part II: Minnesota Statewide Drug Court Evaluation: Overview, Progress, and Preliminary Analysis (2011)
    Minnesota Judicial Branch, State Court Administrator's Office
    Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Use of Cost-Effective Evidence-Based Practices in Minnesota (2011)

National Drug Court Research & Presentations:

  • Further Analysis of Best Practices in Drug Courts (2012)
    NDCI Drug Court Review - Volume VIII, Issue 1
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report (2012)
    Studies Show Courts Reduce Recidivism, but DOJ Could Enhance Future Performance Measure Revision Efforts
  • Drug Court Conference Plenary Part I: Back to the Future- Best Practices in Drug Courts (2011)
    NPC Research
  • California Drug Court Evaluation (with Cost Benefit) (2006)
    NPC Research
  • Reconsidering Drug Court Effectiveness: A Meta-analytical Review (2006)
    Deborah Koetzle Shaffer
  • U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) Report (2005)
    Evidence Indicates Recidivism Reductions and Mixed Results for Other Outcomes
  • St. Louis, Missouri Drug Court Evaluation Probation/Parole – (2004)
    Institute of Applied Research
    Full Report
    Executive Summary
  • New York Statewide Study of Drug Courts (2003)
    Center for Court Innovation

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Contact for Minnesota Drug Court Research

Katie Schurrer
Research & Evaluation Unit
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