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Juror Qualification Questionnaire


Minnesota citizens who receive a summons for jury service are required by law to complete a Juror Qualification Questionnaire and return it to the court within ten (10) days from receipt of a summons for qualification determination. 

Important: If you have already completed and mailed your paper Juror Qualification Questionnaire back to the court, do not complete the online questionnaire.

How to Complete Your Online Juror Qualification Questionnaire: 

Completing the Juror Qualification Questionnaire accurately and completely will help the courts determine if you are qualified to serve as a juror. It is important that the records regarding your name and address are accurate and up-to-date. Please remember to include any changes in your personal information when completing your questionnaire. Any incorrect information may cause delays in receiving important jury notices or your payment after you complete your jury service.

This website allows you to respond to your summons for jury service online, and also allows you to make changes, request a postponement, and update your contact information.

  1. Click Juror Qualification Questionnaire to begin completing and submitting your questionnaire online.
  2. Further instructions on how to complete and submit your questionnaire to the court will appear within the online Juror Qualification Questionnaire service.  


Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox are recommended to use the online Juror Qualification Questionnaire service. Performance with other browsers may be inconsistent. If you do not have one of the recommended browsers, you can download one here: Internet Explorer  and Firefox.


If you do not wish to use this website or do not choose to download one of the recommended browsers, you should tear-off, complete, sign, and mail your paper Juror Qualification Questionnaire to the court in the envelope provided with the jury summons.

If you have questions about completing a questionnaire or if you encounter technical problems with the online questionnaire, please contact your county's jury office.

No Automatic Exemptions from Jury Duty

There are no automatic exemptions from jury duty. All who are summoned must serve on jury duty unless they are disqualified or excused by the court for the following reasons:

  • You are not a citizen of the United States
  • You are under 18 years of age
  • You are not a resident of the county that summoned you for service
  • You are not able to communicate in English
  • You have a mental or physical disability that would affect your ability to serve
  • You have been convicted of a felony and are still on parole or under the supervision of the court, probation, or corrections
  • You have served on jury duty within the past 4 years
  • You are a judge in the judicial branch of government
  • You are over 70 years of age and request to be excused

If you have questions relating to your jury service, see the Frequently Asked Questions.