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Videos: Divorce and Motions

video  "How to Start a Divorce" video

Part 1: What Will it Cost and How Long will it Take?
Part 2: How can a Lawyer and Mediator Help You?
Part 3: Find the Court Forms
Part 4: Starting the Petition
Part 5: Petition - Finances, Property and Debt
Part 6: Petition - Child Custody, Parenting Time and support
Part 7: Petition - Requests to the court and Completing the Summons
Part 8: Service - Delivering your Forms to Your Spouse and the Final Steps to Divorce


video  "How to File a Motion" video

Part 1: Use a Motion to ask for a New Court Order
Part 2: Get the Required Forms
Part 3: Fill Out the Notice of Motion and Motion
Part 4: Fill Out the Affidavit in Support of Motion with Tips from the Judge
Part 5: Sign Forms and Get a Court Date
Part 6: Deliver Your Forms to the Other Person
Part 7: File Your Forms and Go to Your Hearing


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