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Directory of Referees

NOTICE:  Judges are generally prohibited from considering any communication from a party unless all parties involved in a case are included in the communication. See Rule 2.9 of the Minnesota Code of Judicial Conduct.


Criminal Court Referees
  Criminal Court (main) 612-348-2040
Harris, JaPaul Email Chambers 612-348-9004
Trachy, Richard Email Chambers  612-596-9267


Family Court Referees
Family Court Directory
  Family Court (main) 612-348-6734
Child Support Magistrates All Magistrates 612-348-4946
Labine, Mark Email Chambers  612-348-5739
Law Clerk 612-543-1130
Judicial Clerk 612-348-5739
Madden, Mary Email Chambers  612-596-6629
Law Clerk 612-596-6629
Judicial Clerk 612-596-1257
Moses, Patty Email Chambers 612-348-6775
Law Clerk 612-348-6791
Judicial Clerk 612-348-6801
Mulrooney, Timothy Email Chambers  612-348-9935
Reporter 612-348-3269
Law Clerk 612-348-3331
Judicial Clerk 612-348-9935
Stebbins, Richard Email Chambers 612-596-1015
Law Clerk 612-596-1016
Judicial Clerk 612-596-1017
Wray, Tsippi Email Chambers  612-348-2043
Law Clerk 612-348-4275
Judicial Clerk 612-348-2043


Housing Court Referees
  Housing Court (main) 612-348-5186
Harris, JaPaul Email Chambers  612-348-9163
Hutchison, Jason Email Chambers  612-348-9004
Court Clerk 612-348-9004


Juvenile Court Referees
  Juvenile Court (main) 612-348-4822
Visiting Referee 612-348-2048
Court Clerk 612-348-5063


Probate/Mental Health Court Referees
  Probate Court (main) 612-348-3244
Borer, George Email Chambers 612-348-5484
  Judicial Clerk 612-348-5484
Lien, Michael Email Chambers 612-348-6018
Judicial Clerk 612-348-6018
Maus, Dean M. Email Chambers  612-348-8610
  Judicial Clerk 612-348-8610
Schumacher, Anthony Email Chambers 612-348-2023
  Law Clerk 612-348-2023


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