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Juvenile Court Records

Most Juvenile Court cases are closed to the public, and you generally must get permission from the presiding judge to view or get copies from a Juvenile Court file.

Juvenile delinquency, child protection, truancy, runaway, and adoption records are available upon written request. There is a fee of $10 (uncertified) or $16 (certified) per document. Please refer to the 4th District Court Fees page. You can download and complete an Affidavit for Adoption Access form or Affidavit for Access to Juvenile Court Files form. Mail or drop off your completed request form to:

4th District Juvenile Court
Hennepin Co. Juvenile Justice Center
Records Request - 1st Floor
590 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55415

NOTE: Please allow up to one week to process a request to access a Juvenile Court file and two weeks to process a request to access an adoption file (requests are not granted the same day).

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