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Successor Guardians / Conservators

If the court appointed you to be a guardian and/or conservator, but you are no longer able to serve in that role, you should consult with an attorney right away about asking the Court to appoint a Successor Guardian or Conservator by completing and filing a new Petition for Appointment of a General Guardian or Conservator. To ask the court to discharge you from your role, you must file a Petition with the court and identify someone else who may be qualified to serve as a guardian and/or conservator.

The court does not publish step-by-step instructions on completing and filing the Petition paperwork, but the Guardianship / Conservatorship Manual offers basic explanations of legal terms, forms, and the court process. We strongly encourage you to get help from an attorney.

Guardianship / Conservatorship Court Forms Other Guardianship / Conservatorship Court Forms are also available on this website.


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